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Rank Structure of Indian Navy

Ranking System In Indian Navy

In this informational article, we are telling about the rank structure of Indian navy. Indian Navy is one of the Indian Armed Forces of India . Indian Navy is one among the Indian Armed Forces of India and is a naval branch. It is the fourth most powerful Navy in the World with approx. 58,350 active personnel presently working in it.

Among these personnel just like any other force, present a hierarchy which every related person has to follow. From the superior to the lower a ranking system i.e. chain is been maintained. With every higher ranks the pay, benefit, authority and position increases.

The Ranking system of Indian Navy is divided into three categories i.e. Non-commissioned Officers, Junior Commissioned officer and Commissioned officers. In these categories commissioned one’s are the topmost persons of the force and are called as officer whereas the lowest are the non-commissioned one’s and are called as Jawan.


Admiral of the fleet:Admiral of the fleet is a military naval officer of the highest i.e. top most rank in the Indian Navy. It is an honorary rank, which is reserved for wartime or ceremonial appointments. Till now, no officer in the Indian Navy has been bestowed with this rank.

Admiral:The Chief of the Naval Staff  i.e. Admiral is the commander i.e.  the highest-ranking officer in the Indian Navy. The position of the Chief of the Naval Staff is held by a four-star officer in the rank of Admiral.

Vice Admiral: Vice Admiral is a senior naval flag officer rank, i.e. senior to a rear admiral and junior to an admiral.

Rear Admiral: Rear Admiral is generally regarded as the lowest of the “admiral” ranks, therefore , sometimes it is referred to as “flag officers” or “flag ranks”. It is a rank above Commodore, and below a Vice Admiral.

Commodore:Commodore is a naval rank, superior to a navy captain, but below a rear admiral.

Captain:Captain is equal to the army rank of colonel. Any naval officer who commands a ship is addressed by naval custom i.e. “captain”.

Commander:Commander is a naval officer rank equal to a lieutenant colonel in the Indian army. Commander is also a generic term for an officer commanding any armed forces unit.

Lieutenant Commander:The Lieutenant Commander is a commissioned officer rank in the Indian Navy. This rank is superior to a lieutenant and subordinate to a commander.

Lieutenant: Lieutenant is a commissioned officer rank in the Indian Navy. It is typically the most senior of junior officer ranks. The navy rank of lieutenant is equivalent to an army captain.

Sub Lieutenant:A sub-lieutenant is a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy, i.e. a rank below a lieutenant.


Master Chief Petty Officer (1st Class):Master Chief Petty Officer (1st Class) is the senior most i.e. the highest rank of junior commissioned officer in the Indian Navy.

Master Chief Petty Officer (2nd Class):A Master Chief Petty Officer (2nd Class)  is designated as a junior commissioned officer often by virtue of seniority.

Chief Petty Officer:Chief petty officer is the lowest junior commissioned rank in the Indian Navy. He is responsible for the training of junior officers and leading his division of sailors and petty officers.


Petty Officer: A petty officer is a non-commissioned officer in the Indian Navy. This rank is equivalent to a sergeant in the Indian Army and Indian Air Force.

Leading Seaman:Leading seaman is a non-commissioned rank i.e. equivalent to the air force rank of corporal.

Seaman 1 and 2:Seaman is a naval rank and is the lowest ranks in most navies around the world.

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