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The Indian Air Force (IAF) ranks amongst the best in the world . With more than 2000 aircrafts air, the Indian Air Force lags behind only developed countries like U.S.A, Russia and China. This makes it the fourth largest Air Force in the world. Rich in aircrafts , Indian Air Force holds some of the best fighter jets of the world. The IAF Jetfighter Fleet has 640 planes. Here we are providing the list of Active Fighter jets of Indian Air Force.

  1. Sukhoi SU-30 MKI:
    It is a Russian origin fighter which has Twinjet multirole air superiority and carries one X 30mm GSH gun, along with 8000 kg external armament.

  • Specification : It is capable of carrying a variety of medium-range guided air to air missiles with active or semi-active radar or Infra red homing close range missiles. It has a maximum speed of 2500 km/hr (Mach 2.35).
  1. MiG-27: It is a Russian origin Single engine, single seater tactical strike fighter aircraft.

  • Specification : It carries one 23 mm six-barrel rotary integral cannon. It can carry up to 4000 kg of other armament externally . It has a maximum speed of 1700 km/hr (Mach 1.6).

  1. MiG-29: It is a Twin engine, single seater air superiority fighter aircraft origin in Russia and is capable of attaining a maximum speed of 2445 km per hour (Mach-2.3).

  • Specification : It carries a 30 mm cannon along with four R-60 close combat and two R-27 R medium range radar guided missiles. It has a combat ceiling of 17 km

  1. MiG-21 BISON: Single engine, single seater multirole fighter/ground attack aircraft of Russian origin which forms the back-bone of the IAF.
  • Specification : It has a max speed of 2230 km/hr (Mach 2.1) and carries one 23mm twin barrel cannon with four R-60 close combat missiles.

  1. Mirage-2000: It is a French origin single seater Multirole jet fighter, and an air defence fighter which is powered by a single engine.

  • Specification : It can attain a maximum speed i.e. of 2495 km/hr (Mach 2.3).

  1. JAGUAR: It is an Anglo-French origin Fighter aircraft and  is a twin-engine, single seater deep penetration strike aircraft . It has a maximum Speed of 1350 km /hr (Mach 1.3).

  • Specification : It Contains two 30mm guns and can carry two R-350 Magic CCMs (over wing). Along with 4750 kg of external stores (bombs/fuel).

  1. RAFALE : The newest among all, India has recently got the finest among the above the Rafale fighter jet.

    However, the combat jet will be seen flying in skies from May 2020. Rafale is a French-designed for instance a twin-engine, delta wing, multirole fighter aircraft.

  • Specification : Rafale is categorised as a the latest i.e. 4.5 generation aircraft for its radar-evading stealth profile. It will be a master one for the Indian Air Force (IAF) since most of the aircraft in its inventory – including the Mirage 2000 and the Su-30 MkI – are classified. as either third- or fourth-generation fighters.

This input was given to us by Retired Officer i.e. Wing. Commander Anoop Mehrotra Sir who himself was a Fighter Pilot in Indian Air Force . However , We have taken the source of information from the Internet

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